I was very happy today when i received the news that one of my boys was selected to swim for his all boys school. Btw, My son will be going to that school next year.

This bright young boy joined my ‘Learn to swim’ programme when he was in the mid of Primary 1. He began with no prior swimming experience and took 4 months to learn how to be water independent. Since then he did not look back and able to master his front crawls in 3 months and even shorter time for the rest of his 3 strokes. I was astonished by his overall attitude that pushes his learning curve to be so steep. He’ve never once gave up and constantly pushing himself to prefect his stokes. It was not easy as he has walked thourhgt

For strokes development, I use a combination of  Modified Total Immersion, endurance and interval training. This method seems to be working well for most of my students. I hope my training method can benefit more learners.

I will post his video online soon.

All the best, young man.