All of the swim programs we offer are built upon these five pillars of engagement.

Self-discovery opportunities are embedded within each pillar to identify the learning needs of the learners.

The pace of learning for each learner is then moderated to ensure that each lesson is effective, engaging and fun.

We also subscribe to the philosophy of encouraging parental involvement in their child’s lessons. Particularly for younger kids, parental participation helps foster greater bonding and often leads to improved learning outcomes.

Adaptive Swimming

Adapted swimming programs to enhance inclusiveness for people with special needs. For people who have impairment of some form, some water activity can be beneficial as it has a natural calming effect. Swimming is for all to enjoy and our adaptive swimming programs seek to do just that by driving home the message of inclusiveness.

Baby & Toddler

You’ll be surprised, but babies and toddlers have a natural affinity to water as the environment mimics their time in mummy’s womb. Our Baby & Toddler class is suitable for kids between 7 months and 3 years old. Emphasizing learning through play, our coaches inject fun and humour to every lesson and use alternative descriptions like pizza pull (breast stroke) to make it a fun time for your little ones!

Learn to Swim

The earth is 75% water. Start swimming! Comprising a total of 6 stages, our Learn to Swim program is ideal for young kids between the ages of 4 and 11. A unique feature of our program is parental involvement as we strongly encourage parents to be engaged in their child’s learning.

Development Squad

Taking kids beyond basic swimming. Kids who have completed Learn to Swim can progress to the Development Squad. Here, we train and mould them for more advanced forms of swimming-related activities, including, endurance swimming. We talent scout and provide recommendations for water polo as well as other water sports.

Stroke Correction

Tailored classes. Technique enhancements. Race management. For the serious swimmer looking to shave milliseconds off personal best times, stroke correction and technique enhancements would be fundamental. Beyond that, we incorporate a module on race management, where improving psychological make-up and developing mental strength are the areas of focus. We believe a mental edge gives you a winning edge.

Crossfit Land and Swim Programme

A combination of land and water training focusing on strength training using body weights Another one for the pros, this program emphasizes land and water training in equal parts. It focuses on strength training by using body weight as well as pilates-related exercises. We coach muscle movement techniques and emphasize on applications such as the conversion of arm power into resultant swiftness in water, amongst others.


It’s never too late to learn. Start now. Swim forever. Not everyone has had the opportunity to pick up swimming from a young age. The good thing is that swimming can be easily mastered by both children and adults alike. Whichever stage you belong in your lifecycle, our adult swim classes are customised and optimised for all levels of proficiency and age-groups. So, start swimming today!


Focusing on alleviation of muscle stiffness and overall maintenance. For the silver generation, our classes focus on alleviating muscle stiffness, strengthening muscles and enhancing mobility and range of movements. Specially-tailored programs can also be structured for rehabilitation purposes. We also run a special AquaFit program that helps our seniors to stay fit and self-reliant. It keeps bones and muscles healthy, which helps improve coordination. Accompanied by music, this is a fun and social activity where we combine customised exercises in the water to work on strength and mobility.

Aqua fitness

Customised programmes with a combination of aerobics and high intensity training. Highly popular for its high-tempo, high intensity mix, it’s hydro aerobics at its best. Our programs are customisable to cater to various fitness objectives and age-groups. It’s our class with the greatest element of fun and is almost always full. Book early to avoid disappointment!

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