About Us

about swim movement

Swim Movement (SM) was conceptualised back in 2013 when Jeremy was driven by his desire to personally coach his first born to swim. Built upon the guiding principles of Safety, Empathy, Building Strong Relationships and a Learner-centric instructional methodology, SMI’s philosophy is to respect and celebrate individuality. 

Today SM is an official Swim School Adopting the aquatic education program of the Swim Schools in the U.S. into its curriculum, SM now provides quality swimming lessons and inspires a lifelong connection with swimming by fostering a love of the water, building confidence in aquatic skills, and establishing a secure foundation for water safety and personal fitness.

Our Teaching Philosophy

At the core of our teaching philosophy is a simple, yet powerful principle: 


No matter how good the coach is, if he/she cannot engage the class, the coach fails. At SMI, this is the first criteria for recruitment of swim coaches.


Through our swimming classes and beyond, we pride ourselves in developing and connecting people, fostering greater community engagement and being good mentors for our students to look up to as they journey through life.


We at SMI are known for our nurturing and fun aquatic center where passion for learning knows no bounds.

To ensure a positive experience for each student, our coaches receive ongoing professional development and in-water support via their affiliation with the well-recognized and respected International Swimming associations; AUSTSWIM, SSI, ASCA, and USSSA.