A warm welcome to Swim Movement from Jeremy Tan and the Swim Movement team!

Swim Movement is an innovative and engaging swim school devoted to all levels of learners, swimmers and triathletes. Whether you’re a beginner who’d like to learn freestyle, an intermediate triathlete who wants to develop their stroke technique or an advanced swimmer looking to excel further, Swim Movement is for you.


Our swim teaching philosophy :

 1. No two persons are the SAME so we do not coach a “One Way only” approach.

Every child/adult is different hence your ideal stroke and learning pace are different from another person’s. We identify your stroke to suit you. We don’t coach a ‘One Way Only’ approach to swimming. Your ideal stroke technique is different from another person’s. We identify your individual needs and how best to develop and improve your stroke to suit you. We will do this for you whatever your experience, whatever your skill level, whatever your body type.

2. Balance of swim technique and fitness

Technique stroke work is very important to your swim speed. But we also find that fitness training further enhance your speed too. Striking the correct balance of technique and fitness will help swimmers to keep improving.

3. Engaging

Our coaching philosophy is based around a simple but very powerful principle: Engaging. No matters how good is the coach if he/she cannot engage the class, the coach fails. Over at Swim Movement, this is the first criteria for Swim teachers recruitment.


Jeremy Tan – The S.W.I.M Dad and Swim Educator

Jeremy Tan graduated from Nottingham Trent University and Staffordshire University in Business Admin major in marketing, formerly a competitive swimmer and waterpolo player in his schooldays and represented the ARMY ‘Signal Formation’ in 1997-1998. He enjoys sports and outdoor activities. He took on Triathlon training to overcome his phobia to swim in the sea during his university days, however, it was cut short due to back injuries. In 2007, he was the co-team manager for Punggol Central CSC swim team for the annual swim Meet.

Being a professional swim coach had never crossed his mind until one of his close friends died of cancer. It dawned onto him to help people in need. His first voluntary job was to assist a swimming coach to teach children with disabilities in 2002. However, the coach left after one month and the organisation sent Jeremy for coaching certification with ‘AUSTSWIM’ as the offical coach. In 2003, Jeremy has joined APS Swim School under Mr Ang Peng Siong a swim teacher before setting up the S.W.I.M Movement in 2013.

In 2012, Jeremy developed the “S.W.I.M DAD Programme(Safety in Water Inclusive Model) while he  engaged his son in the water by chance. The S.W.I.M DAD programme has built a closer tie between him and his son. S.W.I.M DAD Programme was a interactive programme which helps his son to love and enjoy the water without fear. Like him, his son has aquaphobia.

Jeremy is currently the principal S.W.I.M educator at SWIM MOVEMENT. His focus is always on the overall wellness of a learner. Besides, developing the right swim technique, the learners will benefit from “indirect front-loading the experience” swim programme.


Yes, We are an Silver Level AUSTSWIM Recognised Swim Centre in Singapore

It’s important to ensure that your child’s teacher holds a current and appropriate AUSTSWIM Teacher Licence™ according to the aquatic education programs being taught.

The AUSTSWIM Recognition Scheme has 3 levels of recognition: Gold, Silver and Bronze. SWIM Movement has obtained the Silver Level.

All teachers at here meet the minimum requirements for training and assessment (as outlined in the RLSSA Guidelines for Safe Pool Operation).

SWIM MOvement Singapore recommends that parents and participants request to view their teacher’s AUSTSWIM Teacher Licence™ before commencing swimming and water safety programs.


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